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About Us

"I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that." 
  Pippi Longstocking

I always loved Pippi Longstocking from the first time I read it, probably in 2nd grade-ish.  The story is so vivid in my mind and my connection to this young girl I have carried with me my entire life.  Creative, independent, strong and a girl who forged ahead despite great loss.  She loved finding 'things' and looked at the world as a treasure hunter, seeing things that others either didn't see or didn't appreciate as she did.  It's funny how full of life and color the story was to me and as I am 'googling' images from the original book, the illustrations were all in black in white.  In my mind, it was full color.....and still is.

My nickname as a young girl was "busy Beth" and into adulthood evolved in "Pippi".  Always very busy, always onto the next adventure.  I began my retail journey 22 years ago with a story I named "Butterflies and Bullfrogs".  My vision was creating a resale store that appealed to all the senses.  Color, display, imagination, sound, play......but most of all making quality merchandise not only affordable but making resale merchandise preferable.  Five years later, I opened a women's store named "At the Chrysalis" where I created a space for women like a 'retreat'.  Same idea, providing high-end, quality merchandise for women- affordably.  It was an environment like being cocooned.....oriental rugs, crystal lamps, beautiful music, coziness and we all loved it.  In time, I combined the two stores and after 18 years sold it the Summer of 2013.

Today, I find myself in a new town, new home, both of my precious boys off to college, newly engaged and ready to begin my next adventure with Villavillekula- Pippi's house.  

 I love color and patterns and art and seeing through a child's eyes.   The store will be filled with artistically inspired, creative, quality clothing, gifts, handmade items and toys for girls and boys size newborn - 10   Each item sure to be a very favorite.