About Us

I was 8 years old when I read Pippi Longstocking.  SHE was ME then and she still is today.  A formidable ' thing finder'-  making the ordinary extraordinary.  Her imagination and seeing the world through the eyes of a child and living within each moment to its fullest.  She found a rusty can and saw a treasure in it.  I delight in doing the same. Finding things and sharing them with you!

Villavillekula is what Pippi named her house where she lived with her monkey Mr. Nielson and her old horse which she could lift onto her porch with her super human strength.  All that I saw in myself through this extraordinary story and young girl, I bring to this store.  I find things...and curate each and every item into what makes Villavillekula such a happy place.  The combinations of colors and patterns and textiles, the selections of toys with emphasis on learning through play, books that range from nostalgia to nature-themed, locally hand-made gifts and clothing. 
Every where you look will find something to delight in and without fail will discover the perfect gifts for all ages.  
Before Villavillekua (which is now 10 years old!), I owned another multi-award winning children's store for 18 years - Butterflies and Bullfrogs.  I opened the store when my sons were 18 months old and almost 3.   
Just as Villavillekula is, Butterflies and Bullfrogs excited all the senses with the colors and sights and sounds and smells and textiles.  Unlike Villavillekula, this store was an upscale resale boutique in which I focused on introducing second hand as not only an environmentally important option but a cool way to shop!    
Now going on over 28 years in the business, it continues to bring me joy on a daily basis which I am thrilled to pass on to each and every customer.  So there you have it!  A snapshot of my journey.   If you havent been here to the store which is located in the quaintest section of Philadelphia with its cobble stone streets - its time to GET YOUR HAPPY ON !!!